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Vintage VS6 MRF "The Fool"


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The VINTAGE VS6MRF ‘Fool’ electric guitar is a truly special addition to the increasingly popular JHS marque. The unique artwork of the VS6MRF ‘Fool’ is genuinely hand painted in oils, a faithful recreation of the iconic guitar from the mid-60’s, based upon art commissioned by Beatle George Harrison from four Dutch artists, collectively known as ‘The Fool’, who were also famous for their giant mural on the wall of London’s famous Beatles-owned Apple Boutique.

The Vintage V6MRF ‘Fool’ is exclusive. Each Fool guitar is hand made and hand painted, and production of this fabulous tribute instrument is limited.

Paying homage to the era of psychedelia and to some truly memorable guitar sounds, the Vintage VS6MRF is memorabilia brought to life, an unmistakeable and exciting salute to a time of unrestrained artistic interraction and truly creative freedom in pop art and rock music.

The strictly limited edition Vintage VS6MRF ‘Fool’ retails at £999.99, including a deluxe wooden hardshell case.