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Taunton Audio Visual Services


To all of our customers


We will be reopening on Monday June 15th


Please read the following notice before visiting


Although we are open we all have to adhere to social distancing and health and safety guidelines

As space is very limited and to ensure we are able to stick to the social distancing guidelines we have decided to only allow one customer (couples or adults with children ok) in at a time.


To enable this to work we have a system of coloured lights in place.


If the light is showing green it is ok to enter.


If the light is showing red please do not enter, please stand back, allow the previous customer to exit safely, Wait until the light shows green and enter.


We do not mind you trying instruments etc, but please try to avoid any unnecessary contact with equipment.

We have provided disposable gloves for you to use if you wish.

We know this may be inconvenient but hopefully will ensure the safety of us all.


Please observe social distancing at all times.


Thank you all for your cooperation.