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Reloop Concorde Vibe


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The Concorde VIBE is focused purely on achieving the highest possible sound quality from your records. The use of an elliptical stylus allows for maximum contact with the record groove, resulting in rich and detailed sound reproduction.

The high output level and flat frequency response make this cartridge ideal for club and studio use. Wherever you are, Hear the VIBE.

Key Features:
Direct SME mounting
Elliptical stylus
Focus on sound quality
Ideal sampling rate
High output level
Flat frequency response
Developed for Club and Studio environment
made by Ortofon
Replacement Stylus:
Because of the moving magnet design used to develop the Concorde Vibe, the stylus tip is easily replaceable. This means that should you run into any performance issues, or if the stylus naturally starts to deteriorate after many months of constant use, you will more than likely not need to buy a whole new cartridge. The existing stylus simply slides off the end of the cartridge body, and the new one slides in its place.