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Kam XY Laser RGY


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The XY Laser from Kam is an innovative new laser that incorporates unique technology to recreate lighting effects that you would normally expect from a traditional LED scanner.

A classic LED scanner uses a mirror to reproduce an image of a gobo, this is then panned and tilted through 90° and 120° projecting shapes on to floors, ceilings and walls. The Kam XY Laser is the first laser to cross the boundary into traditional lighting, whilst safely providing laser image scanning across a wide area. The Kam XY Laser reproduces this effect in a compact, easy-to-use and affordable laser unit.

The unique programming and scanning design of Kam XY Laser ensures that this product will not produce a “hotspot” single point laser image. The onboard MSP (Motor Stop Protection) safety cut-out continuously monitors the mirror drivers and is programmed to never allow a persistent laser spot. The MSP device will shut down the laser beam output should any part of the system fail. This circuit, unique to Kam, will change the way laser technology can be used and make future laser shows far more dynamic.

Each Kam XY Laser has built-in software that will control other XY Lasers. Set the first laser as a Master and all others as Slaves and they’ll follow and snake around the venue in sync. The result is an impressive multi-colour, 32 patterned laser light show that will reach every part of the venue.

The combination of laser power and image quality is such that audience scanning can be carried out if the guidelines set out in the KAM XY laser manual are strictly adhered too. If the user elects to perform audience scanning, the protection mechanism (MSP) of the XY laser ensures that under foreseeable failure conditions within the XY Laser, the audience is not exposed to hazardous conditions.

The output of the XY Laser is designed to be constantly moving, to minimise the level of exposure to the audience. SPECIFICATIONS

Linkable pan and tilt scanning red, green and yellow laser with remote control
Fill the room with this multi-colour dancing laser
Laser power: 60mW red, 30mW green (Class 3B)
Laser wavelength: 532nm green, 650nm red
Laser source: green – DPSS, red – diode
Scanning system: 3K stepper motor
Scanning angle: Pan >120 degrees, Tilt >90 degrees
Full DMX512 operation
10 DMX channels
Auto mode / 32 built-in patterns
Sound-to-Light via built-in microphone
Variable mic sensitivity
Master/Slave mode
MSP circuitry (Motor Stop Protection)
LED display
Full wireless remote control
Fan cooled operation
Tough aluminium chassis
Adjustable hanging bracket
Safety chain loop
On/Off switch
Safety key switch
Mains fused IEC in and out
Fuse rating: 20mm, 1A slow blow
Rated voltage: AC100V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Power consumption: 12w
Dimensions (WxHxD): 180 x 80 x 195mm
Weight: 2Kg

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