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Chord ACT12 Auto Clip Tuner


Compact clip tuner with patented auto operation. 4 pressure sensors detect when the tuner is clipped to a surface, such as a guitar headstock, activating the tuner. Removal or inactivity for 5 minutes automatically switches the tuner off. Display is virtual needle type with 3-colour backlight for flat, sharp or in-tune. Accurate and convenient tuning for guitars and other instruments.

Auto on/off – no buttons needed
3 colour backlight indicator
Auto chromatic tuning
Power supply 3Vdc (1 x CR2032 supplied)
Tuning Auto chromatic
Tuning range A0 – C8
Tuning stability ±1cent
Backlight Orange (flat), Green (in-tune), Red (sharp)
Display LCD virtual needle with note
Input Piezo contact pickup
A4 frequency 440Hz (fixed)
Dimensions 30 x 48 x 40mm
Weight (without battery) 22g