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Mark Audio

This is a story of wishes that came true, sacrifices paid off, where the talent and passion are worth more than anything else. It's a history of results in the world market, as told by those who believed, who have managed to grow their business in record time.

Everything started almost 15 years ago, when the company Parsek created the brand which started to rewrite the history of the bass amplification... Markbass!

"I have always followed my motto: without money yes, but dreamless never!. I started many years ago, I left my employee job to accomplish my dream to build instruments and reproduce the perfect sound."

This is what the founder Marco de Virgiliis says when he thinks about his past and the beginning of this amazing adventure!

MARK WORLD today is a group of different brands, every brand contains everything that our customers need to perform and express their arts, together with our Italian passion and style:

MARKBASS: this brand has become the milestone in bass amplification, thanks to our founder, his team and all the artists, Markbass is well known all over the world.

DV MARK like for Markbass, we put all our knowledge and style in this brand, to give to Guitarist the best amplifiers and cabinets they deserve.

MARK DRUM it is the first professional electronic drum set, entirely designed and made in Italy.

MARKAUDIO it is a division of MARK WORLD dedicated to pro audio sound and now with the AUDIO CHAIN will become shortly a reference in the market of Smart Pro-Audio Solutions.

MARK WORLD vaunt endorsements with the best name in the music, it's represented in more than 50 countries and its growth continues together with our customers all over the world. One of our top-endorsers, Cliff Hugo (Supertramp) said this about us:"You transfer the quality of your people into the products you make!".