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Synthesis Soprano LE



Soprano LE


  • Premium, compact valve integrated amplifier

  • Extensive input options and premium build quality

  • 15W output from push-pull Class A tube power stage


The Synthesis Soprano LE is an industry-leading introduction to the world of premium valve-based audio systems. The LE version is an elegant 15W Class A integrated amplifier utilising four EL84 valves in the design. Featuring a variety of digital and analogue inputs, including a moving magnet phono stage; it is a high-end performer, an effortlessly convenient solution and a striking visual statement all in one.

Drawing from the same classic Italian design principles as other Synthesis products, the Soprano LE is presented as a true centre-piece in its design with its striking shapes, exposed valves and cleverly implemented heat-sink plates. But the construction is not just made to be attractive, it is also practical as the power supply and output transformers are held within an extremely rigid structure that keeps the unit free from vibrations, reducing the chance of unwanted noise negatively impacting the performance of the valves.

The Soprano LE is designed to be as flexible as possible. With line-level, phono and digital inputs on offer, it’s capable of fitting into any system with minimal fuss. The high-quality phono stage is designed to accommodate most moving magnet (MM) cartridges available today, and the digital section is built around a premium Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) DAC chip for extraordinary high resolution audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. The USB input also allows your computer music library to become part of your hi-fi system.

Synthesis has a long tradition of exceptional output transformer design, and in the Soprano LE things are no different. The output transformer uses high-grade iron-silicon for superb frequency reproduction and width. With this purpose-designed transformer, the Soprano LE is able to achieve a highly delicate and precise sound reproduction that’s faithful to the original recording. Similarly, all EL84 tubes are selected after a 2 stage warm-up process where computer-monitored machinery selects the perfect tubes and matches them for a perfect balance – guaranteeing the sonic performance of the amplifier.

Key Features:

  • Premium, compact valve integrated amplifier
  • Power stage uses computer monitored and tested EL84 tubes
  • 15W RMS Class A output
  • High quality onboard DAC with USB, Optical and S/PDIF inputs
  • Includes a moving magnet phono stage
  • Ceramic sockets
  • High grade Iron-Silicon output stage
  • Remote control included 
  • High-Quality finish
  • Gold plated binding posts


Technical Data

Power Stage:Matched pair EL84/6BQ5, per-channel
Input Stage:High-performance audio OP-AMP JRC4580, per-channel
Driver:Matched pair MJD340, per-channel (Designed for audio amplifier)
Input impedance:100kΩ
Input sensitivity:100mV RMS for rated power
Output tap:
Power stage configuration:Push-Pull Pentode Configuration
Power output:15W RMS (6Ω)
Power Bandwidth:15Hz - 50kHz - 3.0dB
Frequency response:20Hz - 20kHz - 0.5dB
Distortion:1% @ 1KHz max power (15W)
Signal/Noise ratio:>90dB "A" weighted
Analogue Inputs1 x Line
1 x Phono MM (47kΩ, 40dB Gain)
Digital Inputs:1 x SPDIF coax
1 x SPDIF optical
1 x USB “B” type Windows/Mac/iOs/Android compatible
Max. Resolution:24-bit / 192KHz
Remote Control:Included for volume and source selection
Power Consumption:80W max.
Dimensions: (w,d,h):310 x 295 x 150mm

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