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Xvive Duet Looper Micro Pedal


Duet Looper Pedal

• Xvive DUET Stereo DualLoop
• Looper with two modes: Undo/Redo and Verse/Chorus
• Stereo 44 kHz 24bit audio, voiced for an analog sound
• High dynamic range inputs and outputs for loud instruments,

  three times line level
• Capable of interfacing with both instruments and line level equipment
• Flat frequency response down to 10 Hz for bass instruments
• True bypass
• USB port, for firmware updates and future updates and upgrades

Verse/Chorus Mode:
• Two seriesmode separate loops to record to, each with a
  maximum length of 5 minutes
• Each loop can be recorded, overdubbed, or played separately

Undo/Redo Mode:
• One 5 minute loop that allows undo and redo
• Capable of RecordPlayOverdub,and also RecordOverdubPlay
  for ambient loops

• Requires 9 to 12 Volt input, center pin negative.
Input is protected against incorrect voltages and polarities