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MPA-102 Mic Pre Amp


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1-channel low-noise microphone preamplifier,

for mains operation or battery operation.


1 microphone input, XLR, bal.
Gain, 11 steps 20-70 dB
LED green/red for operation/peak
Phantom power +24 V, can be switched on additionally
Switchable microphone phase
Lo cut 100 Hz, hi cut 12 kHz, 12 dB/oct., switchable
1 preamplifier output
1 stereo line input
1 stereo line output
Level control and panorama control for mixing the microphone signal to the stereo line channel
Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
Input sensitivity 0.3-150 mV,

Input impedance

2.2 kΩ
Stereo line

10 kΩ
Line, bal.

1 V/100 Ω,
12 V max.

Stereo line

1 V/100 Ω,
6 V max.

Stereo master

Filter, low cut 100 Hz/-3 dB,
12 dB/oct.

Filter, high cut 12 kHz/-3 dB,
12 dB/oct.

Filter, subsonic
Gain, mic 20-70 dB
Gain, stereo line 0 dB
S/N ratio, mic > 66 dB (unweighted)
S/N ratio, line 80 dB (unweighted)
THD < 0.01 %
Power supply via supplied plug-in PSU;