Taunton Audio Visual Services

Citronic CM6-Live


Compact format lives mixing console with mic/line inputs (jack/XLR) and a stereo line channel which can be fed from an internal USB/SD audio player. Mic/line channels have individual inserts and all channels have 3-band EQ, Aux, and Effect controls. Phantom power of +48V is switchable to the XLR inputs for condenser microphones. Applications range from sub-mixing to the main live PA console.

Compact, accessible design
Channel inserts for Mic/line inputs
3-band EQ for each channel
Internal delay effect (or FX loop)
Integral USB/SD player
Rack-mount ears supplied with CM8 and CM10 models
Switchable +48V phantom power
Power supply 12Vac 1000mA (included)
Phantom power Switchable +48V (XLR inputs)
Frequency response : inputs 20Hz-20kHz
Stereo input 6.3mm jack/RCA (-8 to +15dB / +13 to +60 parallel)
SNR : mic inputs 120dB E.I.N.
SNR : line inputs 95dB E.I.N.
SNR : stereo input 96dB E.I.N. (or 104dB E.I.N. in parallel)
EQ: high 10kHz, ±15dB
EQ: mid 700Hz, ±15dB
EQ: low 50Hz, ±15dB
Outputs : main (L+R) 6.3mm jack (+28dBu balanced / +22dBu unbalanced)
Aux send, Effects send, Rec out unbalanced 6.3mm jack (+22dBu)
Phones output +15dBu stereo 6.3mm jack