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Steepletone Touch Rock 50 Two


Step back in time as you listen to your favorite music with the Steepletone Touch Rock 50 TWO Retro Jukebox Style CD & DVD/Video, Bluetooth playback and iPOD/iPAD Dock on top of Cabinet . This floor-standing jukebox is available in black, light, and dark wood veneers. The display features color-changing SMD/LED lighting system wherein you can choose the color scheme or opt for a color-to-color fade effect.     

The Touch Rock 50 TWO Retro Jukebox from Steepletone is aesthetically pleasing, with three circular lights that light up in front. The equipment also features a dimming option as well as strobe and light effect. Now the question is, how does the music quality of this jukebox fare compared to its aesthetic features? Moreover, what other features does it have?

The Steepletone Touch Rock 50 TWO  Retro Jukebox Style CD & DVD/Video Playback & Bluetooth features a DVD and CD player with a 7” display. While there is a remote control for turning the lights on and off, most of the controls are touch-sensitive. The jukebox also plays music from an SD card and a USB as well as music in MP3 and MPEG4 formats. If you get tired of listening to recorded music, you can always choose to listen to the equipment’s MW-FM radio.

This Touch Rock 50 TWO  Retro Jukebox from Steepletone has a USB port, an SD card slot, and an iPod dock. There are jacks for headphones, aux-in, and audio/video output. There’s a right and left jack where you can connect extension speakers for a more pleasurable listening experience. Order yours now and get a 1-year warranty on your jukebox.

  • Reproduction floor standing Jukebox - 2 Remote controls
  • Separate Jukebox TOP and SPEAKER BASE for easy  home self- assembly   
  • DVD/CD Player with 7” Display and Touch Control
  • SD/USB/MP3/MPEG4 Playback
  • Mw-Fm Radio
  • Bluetooth playback
  • Mini USB Port and SD Card Slot
  • Colour changing SMD/ LED lighting system with separate remote control for lights on / off
  • Colour Selection, colour to colour fade effect
    dimming option, strobe & chase effect
  • Three front circular Lights also light up with chasing
    LED Lights
  • iPOD/iPAD Dock on top of Cabinet - with iPAD support bracket  
  • Headphone Jack; Aux. in (R/L) Jacks;
  • Audio/Video Output Jacks:  connect to e.g. another
    audio unit/PC or to a larger TV LCD Screen
  • Extension Speaker Jack (R + L)
  • Static Discs in top Half Moon display area
  • Available in black, light and dark wood veneers
  • AC Mains operated
  • Accessories available:  LED ADD SPK - set of floor
    standing extension speakers via 12V DC Adaptor &
    BASE ZERO 50 + E-BASE ZERO 50 Stands
  • Dimensions: Top & Base combined approx. 1260h x 285d x 660w mm, Top Height: 540 mm, Base Height: 720 mm h